My Story

Thank you for visiting my website. The first question I get asked is, “How did you get into the film business?”  Well, I took the long way.  My love of photography began in 7th grade in my first photography class.

My Junior High had a darkroom where we learned how to develop our film and print our pictures.  One day at lunchtime, the photography teacher showed the Kodak Student Film Awards.  That same year Hollywood was coming to my hometown in Oregon to shoot part of a movie.

Every day there were stories in the paper about the filming and I was hooked.  In speech class, my speeches were about filmmaking. If I had a book report for English class, it was about the film industry, or a favrotie movie.  I knew what I wanted to study in school, and make my career.

After receiving my degree in film production, I worked my way up through the camera department to my current position as a union camera operator and director of photography.  I have traveled around the world for both work and pleasure.   Each time I travel, the first bag I pack is my camera gear.

I have shot endless hours of video, and met so many talented people that have taught and inspired me. Since that first photography class I have shot hundreds of thousands of images, but still enjoy capturing that one image that challenges and excites me.

I hope you enjoy perusing my websites and images. The majority were planned and executed, but there are a few “Happy Accidents” and “Right Place at the Right Time” shots too!   Enjoy!

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